Neuronal Selectivity Without Intermediate Cells

Robert Pallbo © 1992

Lund University Cognitive Studies 13
ISSN 1101-8453
ISRN LUHFDA/HFKO--5010--SE 11 page

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A model of orientation and direction selective cells is proposed. The dendritic connections of each cell are constructed with a local viewpoint. No consideration of the global function of the entire network is considered. Intermediate cells are not needed to make a cell selective, instead other cells with the same selectivity are used. The mechanism of the system is to update the previous activity rather than continually recreate selective detection. In the circuitry, spontaneous activity plays a functional role. This is needed for the circuitry to carry out initial detection of stimuli. The model allows a reduction of complexity in the circuits. In addition to a presentation of the models, two simulations implemented on computer are discussed.
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